Residential Intervention Services

Residential Youth Treatment Facility

St. Joseph Orphanage Residential Intervention Services are designed to provide a safe controlled environment to allow youth to explore alternative and safe behaviors. By treating the whole child in each area of their life, we hope to significantly reduce future problematic behaviors while allowing them to transition successfully into the community. We strongly encourage parents and guardians to participate in the treatment process by attending scheduled family therapy, treatment planning meetings, as well as telephoning and visiting the youth.

Residential Interventions provide a safe, therapeutic living environment to assist children and adolescents who display moderate to severe emotional or mental health concerns or who have become a risk to their own safety or the safety of others. Safety of the child and others is essential and our therapeutic milieu provides the structure, consistency and predictability needed when treating children with acute behavioral/emotional concerns. A structured daily routine, behavior modification system based on positive reinforcement, built-in opportunities to practice alternative behaviors, and supportive staff are all key components to each youth’s success.

Our Residential Intervention Services are an integrated program of individual, family and group therapy activities, case management, pharmacological management and individualized academic instruction. These services, along with person-centered collaborative treatment planning with the youth, family and all invested parties (guardians, Guardian Ad Litems, placing agencies, magistrates, program staff, etc.) are designed to enhance the youth’s strengths, teach pro-social behaviors and prepare the youth to transition to an appropriate less restrictive level of care. Each youth completes an individualized program of self-management and skill development focused on the behavioral concerns identified by the guardian and treatment team.

Ages 5-17

Our Residential Intervention Services serve youth ages 5-17

Both Male & Female Youth

Length of Stay

Length of stay averages from 5 to 30 days

*Longer term care options are available.

By implementing best practice standards of care, these services provide a safe, supervised environment that allow youth to develop needed skills for healthy, alternative behaviors. Youth in all residential programs attend our Day Treatment and Education Programs, along with weekly individual therapy sessions and Case Management.

We provide many activities to enhance our youth’s personal confidence, and offer youth the chance to participate in various team sports, field-trips, and other on and off campus group activities.  NYPUM, an on-campus mini-bike program, provides a great opportunity for personal growth and team building.


Residential Services Include:

  • Mental health diagnostic assessments
  • Case Management (CPST) and treatment team coordination
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Special Education on-site
  • Day Treatment programming provided by our Therapeutic Group Leaders, promoting pro-social self-management skills (self expression, healthy management strategies of feelings, strategies to improve family and peer relationships, etc.)
  • Psycho-pharmacological management and medication education by Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurses, including 60 days of medication or prescriptions post discharge.  Medical assessment and connection to community resources by a Pediatrician, Advanced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Active and continuous staff supervision at all times, focusing on at-moment skill development
  • High level of involvement with families, natural support systems, community volunteers, legal guardians, and community partners

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