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School Partnerships & Embedded Services

Mental Health & Behavioral Health Services have proven to increase student’s grades & overall performance. By
addressing trauma /other stressors that cause a student to act out they are able to perform better in the classroom.

Concerned About A Child? St. Joe’s Can Help.

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Services Available In Your School

Additional Services Available. Ask How SJO Can Help.

Group Support

Therapeutic Groups (K-12):
Daily therapeutic group therapy offers a supportive environment to support positive relationships, as well as positive social and emotional development.

Individual Support

Counseling Services (K-12):
Individualized counseling services offered in both school and
community settings.

Individual Support

Case Management (K-12):
Additional support for students and families to help build their communication & relationship. Available in both school and
community settings.

Staff Training

Trauma Informed Care Trainings
Understanding the triggers of trauma are important in order to be more aware of how to interact with traumatized youth.
Learn triggers & interactions for more positive interaction with students.

Proud to be a MindPeace Partner

MindPeace school partner
MindPeace works to unite the right teams so kids and their families can get the mental health care they need.

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Direct Care, Therapists, Care Coordinators, Teachers, Finance, Human Resources, and More Make An Impact At Work Everyday. Our Mission St. Joseph Orphanage is a comprehensive behavioral health and educational treatment agency that helps children and their families on the road to recovery and success.

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