Emergency Placement

About Emergency Placement Program

The Emergency Placement Program provides short-term housing (14 days or less)  and care to youth involved with the child welfare system. The program provides a safe, temporary, therapeutic living environment for youth who have experienced abuse, neglect, or other acute stressor. The program assesses each youth and family’s unique strengths and challenges and works closely with the child welfare system and the family of origin to transition the youth to a safe environment. The program is guided by principles of collaboration and partnership, family and community inclusion, and trauma-responsive practices.

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24/7 Emergency Placement Program

(513) 427-6425



0-12 Years Old

Will also accept siblings ages 0-12


Length of Stay

14 Days or Less

Short Term Stays Available



Children’s Crisis Care

Children’s Crisis Care Facility Licensed by ODJFS

Information About The Emergency Placement Program

  • For Ages 0-12 years of age and younger siblings (birth-12 years)
  • Length of stay is 14 days or less
  • For children in ANY Ohio County Custody
  • Ideal for children entering the foster care system or for transition period
  • Referrals can be made 24/7 by phone: (513) 427-6425

Foster Care Emergency Placement


For Questions About The Program or to Schedule a Tour
Contact: Matt Price

Make A Referral

For All Emergency Placement Referrals:
Use the 24/7 Emergency Placement Program Phone Number
(513) 427-6425

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