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St. Joseph Orphanage is a Behavioral Health Agency that can provide your child with the resources they need to be their best! If your child is suffering from depression, aggression, anxiety, unsatisfactory grades, trauma, or other behavioral issues we can provide you with the help you need.


Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health, Education, Foster Care

St. Joseph Orphanage (SJO) is a Comprehensive Behavioral Health and Educational Treatment Agency providing various Behavioral Health Services, Education Programs, Foster Care, and Medication Management.

SJO is the oldest social service agency founded by the Sisters of Charity as an orphanage over 185 years ago. In the 1980’s and 1990’s SJO transitioned from a traditional orphanage to an innovative Behavioral Health Agency.

We serve over 1,500 kids & young adults daily who suffer with mental health, educational and behavioral concerns often due to abuse, neglect, & trauma.  Many of these kids come from unsafe neighborhoods and home lives with a bleak future. We care for the kids who have nowhere else to go to get help.

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Foster Children Need YOU.

Prepare Your heart. Prepare Your home.

Give a child a home and a chance to heal and feel supported during this difficult time in their lives. It is challenging work, but when you see how your guidance and love has made a difference in a young person’s life the rewards are immeasurable. The connections you make with a child in foster care and the good role-modeling you offer them and their parents can often last a lifetime and benefit your whole community.

Foster Children need YOU.  Contact us to learn more, we are happy to answer all of the questions you may have!

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Your support helps us continue to carry out our mission and serve children, youth, and families who need our help and services. Your contributions help us to impact the lives of 1,500 children & youth we serve a day.


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Working at St. Joseph Orphanage provides you an opportunity to be a positive role model in a child’s life and to help them understand the importance of healthy decisions and relationships. You will be a key person in helping youth and families through some of their most difficult times and have the opportunity to see them achieve many successes.

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