Day Treatment – School Based and After School

Day Treatment services are offered to meet the psychological, social, and physical needs of children with serious emotional, behavioral, learning, social, and/or family problems. Through an array of therapeutic and prevention groups, youth work on mastering the skills necessary for healthy and successful futures. Individualized services emphasize skill development for more adaptive management of thoughts, feelings and behaviors to allow youth to successfully reintegrate into their community school. In-School and After School Options Our Day Treatment Programs are available at our Anderson Township and Monfort Heights locations in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Day Treatment services are integrated with special-education instruction during school hours at both our charter school locations. An after school option is available at our Villa Campus. Specialized Treatment Tracks Program Tracks specialize in two areas: generalized behavioral concerns, our Behavior Modification Program, and problematic sexual behaviors concerns, our Sexual Behavior Program.

Therapeutic Group Topics

Behavior Modification
Behavior Modification groups focus on exploring own feelings and behavior choices in order to develop appropriate skills to manage in areas of communication, anger management, and boundary maintenance.

Art Therapy
Art Therapy groups focus on exploring thoughts and feelings while creating art in a therapeutic manner in addition to developing and practicing appropriate social skills, such as positive communication and respect for self and others.

Recreational Therapy
Recreational Therapy groups focus on engaging in cooperative activities while developing and practicing appropriate social skills, such as anger management and appropriate boundary maintenance.

Alcohol and Drug
Alcohol and Drug groups focus on understanding the emotional, psychological, physiological, and behavioral effects of drugs and alcohol, as well as the effects of alcohol and drugs on relationships with others.  This group also focuses on drug and alcohol  education and prevention.

Music Therapy
Music Therapy groups focus on creating and using musical experiences and activities in a therapeutic manner to explore safe ways to express emotions and interact with others.

Community Wrap-Around
Community Wrap-Around groups focus on being aware of one’s responsibility as a member of a community, as well as developing ways to be a productive member of a community.

Vocational groups focus on understanding and developing appropriate social skills needed for future success in various occupations, such as cooperation, safety, and communication.

NYPUM (National Youth Program Using Minibikes) gives the opportunity to develop self esteem and a sense of belonging using mini-bikes as a motivational tool.  This program inspires youth to work in treatment to earn opportunities to ride.  Youth learn basic maintenance responsibilities such as changing oil and brakes, along with an understanding of the importance of team work.

Healthy Living
Healthy Living groups explore various mental health diagnosis, treatment options, and healthy ways to manage different mental health symptoms and problems.

Sexual Behavior
Sexual Behavior groups are intended for youth who have engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior that may or may not have led to legal charges.  These groups focus on understanding one’s own thoughts and feelings, triggers, boundaries, anger, offending cycle, prevention of future offensive behaviors, and development of healthy relationship skills.

From time to time supplemental  group types and topics are offered based on youth needs.  Past groups topics include Trauma & Loss and Mindfulness.


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